“Sex addiction is a disease affecting the mind, body, and spirit. It is progressive, with the behaviour and its consequences usually becoming more severe over time. We experience it as compulsion, which is a mental preoccupation with sexual behaviour and fantasies. In SAA, we have come to call our addictive sexual behaviour acting out.” – Sex Addicts Anonymous, p.3

Who is a Sex addict?
There are numerous ways in which sex addicts can act out, however, there are common elements that seem to characterize our addiction

  • Powerlessness over addictive sexual behaviour
  • Unmanageability of his/her life
  • Feelings of shame, pain, and self-loathing
  • Broken promises and failed attempts to stop acting out behaviour
  • Preoccupation with sex leading to ritual
  • Progressive worsening of negative consequences

Not sure if you are a sex addict?
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